Opening hours:

Entrance ticket price: 65 hryvnias. for all categories of visitors.

Admission is free for pensioners and veterans (Wednesday-Thursday)

Additional services

  • Services of a guide (Ukrainian, Russian) – 500 UAH.
  • Guide services (English) – 800 UAH.
  • Event in museum — 9000 UAH (This option is not available until August 1, 2021)

Dear visitors and guests of Victoria Museum!

Please read the rules for visiting our museum and comply with them.

When examining the exposure should not be left unattended by young children. We ask you to explain to them the rules of conduct and the nature of the restrictions.

Museum allowed:

  • Photographing halls and exhibits for personal NOT commercial purposes;
  • Take photos and selfies in designated areas;
  • Use photos for personal NOT commercial purposes;
  • Use the museum’s Wi-Fi to post photos on social networks;

Must be left in the wardrobe:

  • Outerwear, hats, as well as other things that are not necessary when viewing the exhibition.
  • Sports, travel, shopping bags, briefcases, suitcases, diplomats, backpack bags, bags, bulky items, other items, the use of which can lead to damage to exhibits and exhibition equipment.

The museum

  • is forbidden to bring drinks and foodstuffs, as well as narcotic, explosive, flammable, poisonous and strongly smelling substances, pyrotechnics and other items into the museum halls that could harm museum visitors, exhibits, equipment and other property.
  • is forbidden to be in a museum in a state of alcoholic, narcotic intoxication or under the influence of other substances.
  • is forbidden to smoke in the museum.
  • is not allowed to enter office premises.
  • is prohibited to label, paste or otherwise distribute announcements, posters and other products, including advertising or other informational content.
  • is not allowed to trade in products, carry out any commercial activities without the written permission of the administration.
  • is forbidden to be in the museum with animals.
  • is forbidden to touch the windows with your hands and try to open them.
  • is not permitted to use audio equipment with sound reproduction enabled.
  • is forbidden to conduct excursions and cultural events without the permission of the museum administration.
  • is not allowed to comment on the explanations of the researcher, engage in polemics with him, or interfere with the excursion in other ways.